Quantum Healing Cards
Everyday we wake up and go through a routine very much like the day before, with a few exceptions, and one day blends into the next. Some days we have really wonderful memorable experiences and some days are filled with negativity. When we access our memories, we seldom dwell for long on the good stuff, and spend far more time re-hashing the bad stuff, thinking about what we could have said as a really good comeback line, or re-invent a new outcome for an experience that felt uncomfortable or painful. All these thoughts have a disempowering affect on us. We begin to notice more discomfort in our day than we had before and soon it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit we develop a belief about it, i.e. “Nothing good ever happens to me”; “I am always sick”; or “I hate my job.” We repeat this pattern throughout most of our lives blaming our external environment for our unhappiness, not questioning or even noticing that it is our behaviour that is off-key.
All our experiences are filtered through our belief system which is made up of data we assimilated as a child through input from our parents, our experiences and other opinions of others. If we are not looking back complaining about what was, we are looking forward worrying about what might be, and we spend very little time just being present in this moment. Most of the self help and motivational writings at this time tell us that our only point of power is in our present moment. In cases where we have been experiencing negativity in our lives, it is to our benefit to assume responsibility for what is not working and accept the idea that we have the power to make it better for ourselves. We do not need to wait for something outside of us to change to make us happy. We can find happiness now wherever we are in our lives.
We are in a constant co-creative process with an intelligent energy field which supports us 150%. It is always giving us what we focus our attention on. This could be something we want or something we are afraid of. The field cannot differentiate between the two. If a thought or emotion fills your mind and body on a regular basis, it will manifest in your reality. We need to develop an awareness of what we are thinking and work with intention to change our vibration.
Intention is a powerful tool. It has direction and force behind it. When we do something with intent, we give it our full attention and it explodes forth with immense power. It truly becomes the stuff of creation.
Time feels as if it is speeding up. It is actually still ticking away one second at a time, but it feels like we have less time to do anything. Our reality is manifesting at a rapid rate and it often feels overwhelming to us. This is stress! The secret to coping with all this rapid change is to keep our energy as positive as we can, for as long as we can, to change our point of attraction.
This is where the Quantum Healing Cards work so well. I developed them as a natural progression from the healing work in which I am involved. My system is called The Body Balance Activation Technique and is designed to bring the body back into a balanced state. In level I, we clear static in the body and create space for healing to occur. In level II we begin to work with patterns of energy and clear the physical body and energy systems that become affected, and we activate new patterns of energy that balance and support the whole system.
The Quantum Healing cards are an extension of these sessions and are a self help tool designed to begin a process of activating new patterns of energy that create health and well being in all areas of our life. They can be used by anyone wanting to activate a new frequency of energy into their current reality especially if they have been experiencing negativity.
The pictures on the cards are equally as important and the wording. They are all fractals generated by computer programs designed to multiply certain formulas millions of times to create these patterns. These have been further enhanced and are known as Fractal Art. Fractals are very much a part of our lives. All of nature presents itself in fractal patterns. This means that the larger picture is repeated in the smaller picture, i.e. an atom and our galaxy. Their structure is the same. It is the same with our thoughts and emotions. What we project forward, we also absorb within. Our innate wisdom recognizes the fractal image and connects the new pattern throughout our system, activating it and effecting a deeper healing.
To use these cards, choose one, and work with it for approximately 3 days. State the intent, which is the first sentence on the card, and allow it to settle into your awareness. This may cause a cool sensation as your energy field receives a charge of energy. Then read the second sentence aloud a few times. The more you repeat it the stronger the pattern resonates and manifests into your reality. Now look at the picture, and allow your body to absorb the energy within it.

I have created the cards with four different themes. Abundance; Love & Relationships; Health & Forgiveness; and Physical Health. The packs contain 60 cards, which sells for R420.00. All prices exclude postage. To order, contact Tracy White to order.