My name is Tracy White and I am the creator of Body Balance Activation.  I offer sessions in all 5 levels of BBA, and classes to learn how to facilitate this profound healing modality.

28th May 2015
"Enlightenment is the key. It is not about how much you know, but how much (soul) light you let in. It is our wish for you that connection becomes the only choice and disconnection is not an option. At that time, you will know who you really are and all the feelings of being not enough will disappear. You will make choices for yourself that serve your evolution and you will see changes in your life that you didn't think were possible."

 This work is unique. It’s purpose is to change our relationship with our beliefs, neutralize charges of energy around past experiences, and introduce light coding updates that pave the way to our evolution as  spiritual beings in a physical reality. 

Client comments:
“Subtle, powerful changes in energy, body and mind.” Linda
“Body, mind and soul opening and enlightening.” Kim
“It provides you with a blank page to rewrite and enhance your life.” Tilanie
“I felt as if a profound shift took place that led to a strong sense of well-being and health, like hitting the reset button.” Shari