About Your Purpose

About your purpose...

You have more than a single purpose. Your main purpose is to experience this physical dimension, which you are all doing. What you are calling your purpose is your desire to find meaning in your lives. We have said it before, you are searching for connection. Connection to other people, to make a difference to them, to bring clarity to them of their worthiness. Connection to your stream so that you can feel the clarity of your worthiness.

The truth is, the majority of the people are not happy with the way their lives are unfolding for them, yet they are not prepared to look at what they may be doing to perpetuate their own unhappiness. They want someone else to make a change in them, for them, so that it's easy and they don't have to do anything. And while that may work momentarily, it is not long lasting. It is why healing doesn't last. Because the only person who has any power in your life is you! You are the one who can effect long lasting change in your own life. Sometimes it is difficult when your mind is rigid, but it is always possible.

Most people need a tragedy or a life threatening illness to begin their journey. But there is really no need for your life experience to get to that point. You can start now, from a place of ease and then just keep going until you fill your potential. Don't worry, that will take a very very long time.

If you are one who is struggling in your life experience, it is not helpful to beat yourself up over it either. All of your life will have provided you with experiences, some good and some not so good. Aren't the good times more sweet because of the contrast that the not so good times provided?

We encourage you not to live in the past with regret at how you could have done something better. Rather be present with the experience and accept it for the learning that occurred at the time that you had the experience. If you hadn't learned anything, you wouldn't have any regrets. Bring awareness to the learning.

We want to remind you that you chose experiences when you came here. You may have chosen to experience loss, or victim-hood but you also chose to experience joy and love and to transcend all the limitations of the physical dimension. You all do that. If you can feel joy in spite of loss, you have learned something valuable. If you can love in the midst of victim-hood, you have transcended the limits of that experience. You can be passionate and fulfilled regardless of your situation.

We know that there is much unhappiness when you go through your daily routine and you feel that you have no choice. When you feel like you are operating on automatic and that there is something better out there that you can't have. Everything changes when you realize that you are the chooser of your own reality, and this is the life you have chosen for yourself. Just that knowledge can change the way you move through your day. You can do the same things but with the realization that you did indeed choose this, and you could experience so much more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. If you come to the realization that if you don't like it, you can change it.

If there is one thing we could encourage you to do that will make all the difference to you in the way that you experience your lives, it would be to practice presence. If you do this one thing, many things will change.